In-School Yoga + Social-Emotional Learning Program for Students

Thank you.

July 2018

To our dear community.

As we wrap up our BRIDGE project in Philadelphia, we wanted to give our thanks for everything and we hope you'll take your due share of what we were able to create.

In one year, we reached 350 students, educators, and community members in Philadelphia; since our inception, we partnered with eleven schools and organizations in Greater Philadelphia's Community, Public, and Charter schools -- we couldn't have done it without you!

Thank you for your partnership in our mission towards a safer, happier, healthier community for our children to grow in, our educators to thrive in, and our community members to shine in.

Every gift, every click, every connection we made via the strength of your word of mouth helped make our work possible and opened a life-long journey of self-care, social-emotional learning, and mindfulness for the heart of our community -- our kids and their supporters at school and home.

If you would like referrals for similar programming in the area or just to connect with us about our work, please contact us here.

Here's to you, Philly. Thank you!

In community,

Supporting communities at their most important parts: at schools and community centers with students, educators, and caregivers.