our programs

At BRIDGE, we are looking to generate safer, happier, healthier communities 


Here’s what we mean by that: 

  • To be safe one needs to cultivate self-efficacy, self-advocacy, productive communication patterns, to build a sense of belonging in themselves as well as in their home, school, and community

  • To feel happy means feeling valued, sustaining positive self esteem, cultivating self exploration, learning to approach challenges with ease, and the cultivation of curiosity

  • To be healthy means possessing tools for the building and sustainment of wellness 

 When we work with each other through the challenging things, fewer people fall down.

When we work with each other through the challenging things, fewer people fall down.


Here's how we'll get there:

  • Weekly workshop series for students in grades 1-12 that teach the basics of social- emotional learning, effective communication, wellness through yoga and mindfulness, and self and community advocacy
  • Professional development sessions and workshops for educators and youth-service workers

o Professional Development: Trauma-informed pedagogy
o Professional Development: Self-Care
o Professional Development: Yoga and Mindfulness in the Classroom o Staff Yoga

  • Caregiver workshops

o Yoga and Mindfulness in the Home
o Self-Care
o Yoga for caregivers

  •  Donation-based community yoga classes in neighborhood spaces

Our School-based Program Package Includes:

 • Weekly series of 45-90 minute workshops combining yoga, mindfulness, writing, and community building delivered by highly-qualified RYT certified instructors with backgrounds in urban education

• Pre-program consultation to identify the needs and opportunities of your school

• One 60 minute staff development workshop, training teachers in the delivery of the program

• One 60 minute caregiver workshop, training the partners at home in the delivery of the program 

• Two 30 minute sessions of follow-up consultation to support implementation for school leaders



    Program packages for students in grades 1-6

    • Noticing: Social-emotional literacy building
    • What Makes Us Strong: The virtues that help us grow into community citizens 


    Program packages for students in grades 7-12

    • Be The Change: Adolescent identity building
    • Redemption Stories: How to shift our narrative of struggle to one of strength