Our Vision

Nothing is stronger than a connected community.


A community full of citizens (students, their teachers, the adults that support them) connected to themselves and connected to each other is so powerful -- and what Philadelphia is all about.

BRIDGE uses yoga, mindfulness, and writing for social-emotional learning: together, we can identify who we are, what our needs are, how to effectively communicate that, and what to do with it when we've grasped the full magnitude of our potential. 

BRIDGE at a glance:

  • Programs for kids in grades 1-12, programs for educators and youth-service professionals, and programs for caregivers
  • All programming is trauma-informed and locally-grown
  • We are committed to helping provide access to these programs for all schools and organizations, no matter the budget

We know that where you stand and how you stand makes all the difference and that progress, big or small, starts at home and within yourself. We combine practices in yoga, mindfulness, and writing in a workshop model to cultivate self-discovery, engagement, and self-advocacy for students in grades 1-12 and the communities that surround them.

The tools of yoga and reflective writing offer research-proven methods of managing physical, mental, and toxic stress. Children and adults who practice yoga and writing increase their capacity to manage their emotions, regulate their behavior, reduce stress, and improve conditions for learning and collaborating. BRIDGE offers easy access to these practices in your school, workplace, or organization for the cultivation of safer, happier, and healthier communities. 


Lisa Nwankwo
Danielle Mancinelli
Co-Executive Directors and Founders