BRIDGE recognizes that revolution, big or small, starts at home and within yourself. We combine research-based best practices in yoga, mindfulness, and the fostering of narrative writing in a workshop model to cultivate self-discovery, engagement, and empowerment in students K-12 and the communities that surround them. We use yoga and writing as tools to empower citizens to grow their voice and tell their stories.

Yoga and mindfulness are life-long tools that are proven to improve concentration, manage chronic and toxic stress, build confidence and self-esteem, support character development and emotional intelligence, enhance team skills and social interaction, develop discipline and self-control, support individuality and self-expression, encourage social and environmental awareness and responsibility, and inspire respect for self and others. 

When combined with writing centered around personal narrative, students will learn to recognize their inherent power and ability.
We know that when you can read, write, and think for yourself, you open up the possibility to create something new.

 Our programs include in-school workshops and after-school classes, with supplementary or stand-alone professional development training courses for educators, parent and caregiver workshops, and comprehensive special event seminars.